Christmas in Kicking Horse

What can I say about Kicking Horse other than: IT WAS AMAZING.  My boyfriend and I took a road trip from our hometown of Seattle, to the Kicking Horse Mountain Resort in Golden, BC. about 160 kilometers east of Revelstoke and about 90 kilometers west of Banff National Park.  Some of Canada’s greatest outdoor treasures surround this charming resort nestled along the north end of the “Powder Highway.”


Kaine and myself.  Two dudes in a big red chair.

For 3 days we took on Kicking Horse.  I on my snowboard, my boyfriend on his skis.  We experienced some of the best powder my board has ever seen.  The runs were long.. like several miles long, resulting in some truly sensational hillside shredding.  My biggest gripe about snowboarding is that the runs are too short.  You spend 30 minutes standing in line and riding to the top of the mountain, for say, 10 minutes of bombing down the hill.  Sure it’s fun, but I want like, 3 times that amount of time! Or more! And Kicking Horse certainly delivered.


About to hit the Flying Dutchman

The views are definitely those that make you feel like a tiny speck of dust in comparison to the enormity of everything around you.  If you ride the Golden Eagle Express to the top of the mountain you’ll see Blue Heaven Peak to your right and Terminator 1 and Terminator 2 to your left (T1 & T2).  T1 is behind me in the picture above and T2 is to its left out of the shot.  These slopes require some hiking to reach the appropriate drop in point as not to go over large mountain rocks, but they are apparently the cat’s meow of the inbounds skiing at Kicking Horse.  Unfortunately for you and me, I was way too timid to strap out and make the trek into T1 & T2’s precipitous shadow to hit these runs.


Looking east to the Canadian Rocky Mountains at the top of Eagle Eye.

Kicking Horse is 60% intermediate or advanced level ski and snowboard terrain.  With 120 runs, 48 of them are black or double black diamond.   This means we never got bored, even after 3 days on the mountain we were still finding new runs to explore.  Another surprising and overall exciting fact of our time at Kicking Horse is that we’d go out for a few more runs after spending an hour or so warming up in the lodge over lunch and a jug of beer (not necessarily warming) and we would still find bowls, basins and tree skiing that were untouched and serving up that “champagne powder” at 2pm.


As the title states, while we were here Christmas was happening, therefore the soundtrack to our Canadian snow adventure includes Idina Menzel & Michael Bublé’s Baby, It’s Cold Outside and Mariah Carey’s All I Want For Christmas Is You. These were played over the resort’s sound system all over the outdoor space.   And that it’s, basically. Those two songs will forever be engrained in my head as the Christmas in Kicking Horse songs.

We enjoyed a Christmas Dinner Special at the Eagle Eye Restaurant located atop the mountain. The idea was cool, the food wasn’t memorable and the Gondola ride to the top and back down was FREEZING! But, all in all, it was a Christmas (dinner) I’ll always remember, so it was worth it..and I’ll be dreaming Canadian champagne powder for weeks to come.