Welcome to Its Dusty Outside!

Its Dusty Outside was created by Dusty.  Born and raised in Central Washington, Dusty grew up with the Pacific Northwest wonderland in his backyard.  It wasn’t until he took several backpacking trips through Washington, California and Montana that Dusty discovered his love for the outdoors and his desire to spend every moment possible outside!

Dusty is here to share his excursions with you. He travels all over the world, but most often around the Pacific Northwest. Venturing into the mountains to escape the hustle and bustle of the beautiful Emerald City he calls home is very common. He enjoys a myriad of things, including bike commuting through the city, jumping in lakes, rivers, creeks and other various bodies of water, eating Adam’s Peanut Butter and honey by the spoonful, and drinking tasty craft beers.


Dusty, his boyfriend and friend at the finish of a 50k trail run. It was 95 degrees that day! Beacon Rock State Park


Dusty and family snowshoeing during Christmas 2015 at Mission Ridge, Wenatchee WA.


Carlos, Dusty, Kaine, Chini and Jen at Camp Muir, Mt Rainier Washington.